Best boxer to ever fight MMA

Now that James Toney will be fighting in the UFC, I'm wondering who people consider the best boxer ever to make the jump to MMA. I think its clearly James Toney (or will be). Plenty of boxers have done it, but is there anyone that was even close to Toney's level as far as boxing goes?

Toney's dropped off alot since he jumped to heavyweight, even before he was old as hell. The guy liked to eat too much, it damaged his legacy.

Thunderlips The Ultimate Male - Skillwise by far he is. Problem is that he is 41 so it is hard to get really excited about it.

Yeah, i hear ya, excpet they're talking about matching him up with Handy who's even older than him. Also Toney has had success pretty recently, and even still holds 2 belts in boxing. I know the belts aren't respected,and obviously he's not fighting the top guys anymore, and he's not as good as he used to be. But he's definately still good enough to shed some light on the question of how an elite boxer would do in MMA.

Its just bottle's my mind that some people think he doesnt deserve a shot and that he's some bum. He will have the greatest hands ever to fight in the octogon. How is that not something any fan would want to see?

nostripewhite - Toney's dropped off alot since he jumped to heavyweight, even before he was old as hell. The guy liked to eat too much, it damaged his legacy.


Thunderlips The Ultimate Male - I don't think you can shed light on that question unless you put an elite boxer who is still in the prime of his life and complete command of his skills.

I dont think you can definitivly answer the question with Toney, but we will probably have a better idea than we did before, after he fights.....another thing boxers have going for them that wrestlers and BJJ guys dont, is that they are used to getting punched in the face repeatedly. I know it's not the same, with the gloves and all, and you cant coach a chin, but it has to help at least a little bit

Nick Diaz.

he's not a very good boxer anymore

though he's probably still the best to come to mma


Moyorga, Warren.

41-year-old Toney a better boxer than 34-year-old Ali? I think now.

Oh yeah, I forgot Ali fought Inoki in MMA.

From a skill and accomplishment perspective, Toney is far away the best boxer to ever compete in mma, no one else is even close. That said, Toney is also a 41 year-old fat man whose better days in boxing are far behind him. In addition, he is a guy who has never (to my knowledge) cross trained or did anything outside of boxing which would prepare him for a career in mma.

Mark Martin - 41-year-old Toney a better boxer than 34-year-old Ali? I think now.

I thought about that, but wasn't that just an exhibition, fought under some kind of gentlemans agreement?

Also, Nick Diaz, Joe Warren, Ricardo Mayorga and Din Thomas are all either already better, or will someday be better at MMA than Toney, but none of them were ever better at pure boxing than Toney.

Trevor Berbick- Former WBC heavyweight champ who put Muhamad Ali into retirement. Berbick fought notables Mike Tyson(who he lost his title too), Buster Douglas, Hasim Rahman and Larry Holmes.

Matthew Saad Muhammad- Former WBC light heavyweight title holder. Muhammad ended his career at 39-16-3 29kos.

Frans Botha was a legit heavyweight champ IBF but tested for roids after his fight with Axel Shultz, but the fight was later ruled a no contest.. Same thing happened with James Toney in his fight with John Ruiz.

Ray Mercer first go at it wasnt that good

The second go at it wasnt too bad..

Ricardo Mayorga- Hes next

I predict that Hasim Rahman, Shannon Briggs and Vic Darchinyan follow James Toney footsteps and crossover into MMA. As far as Ray Mercer he's defenitly gonna have another MMA bout.

Now if they could only get O'niel Bell and Kermit Cintron in the cage that would be something...