Best boxing Trainer?

Was wondering who you guys think is the best boxing trainer? Bill Gore. Kenny Weldon just taught a clinic in Calgary and he spoke highly of Bill Gore, Willie Pep's trainer.

George Benton or Amilcar Brusa.

Yea, I'd have to go with Freddie Roach.

angelo dundee....look at the people he has trained and cornered. carmen basilio, muhammad ali, sugar ray leonard. and dont forget cus d'amato.

i think that the list should follow like this, but not by who is the best, just overall really great trainers.

cus d'amato- (tyson, patterson, torres)
angelo dundee- (ali,leonard,foremen against moorer, basilio)
eddie futch- (frazier, freddie roach, norton)
charlie goldmin- (rocky marciano)
freddie roach- (pacman, toney, manfredo jr)
emanuel stewart- (hearns, klitchko, taylor)
buddy mcgirt- (arturo gatti, antonio tarver)
dan burmingham- (winky wright,jeff lacy,joey gilbert)
bouie fisher- (bernard hopkins)
floyd mayweather sr- (oscar de la hoya)
roger mayweather- (floyd mayweather jr)
yoel judah- (zab judah)
danny smith- (fernando vargas)
jack mosley- (shane mosley)
jack blackburn- (joe louis)
teddy atlas- (tyson, moorer)

by the way Dundee is writing a new book with Bert Sugar
MY VIEW FROM THE CORNER. He says that Duran never said NO MAS, that Cosell made it up. Should be a good book.

ive been lookin for angie's first book...cant find it anywhere. im excited to get the new one when it comes out. i met angie not too long ago in miami, he still hangs out at the gym and gives guys pointers. but he is "officially" retired.

Charley Goldman turned Marciano from a club level brawler into the Heavyweight champion of the world.

That's pretty good.

Blackburn had two champions, Bud Taylor and Sammy Mandell. Great trainer.

Arcel and Futch were tops, but I'd put George Benton right there with them. He's very underrated. I guess it depends on what you look for in a trainer. Do you want a trainer who can teach you from scratch... virtually create champions? Or do you want someone who blends with the fighters... who makes a made fighter operate? Do you want him to be a great cornerman who can improvise? Do you want him to be a great strategist? Different fighters call for different trainers.

whats about trainers in Michigan?

Dundee is coming by the gym tomorrow... pretty stoked.

At the rate Roach's stable's been tearin stuff up, it's hard to argue against him being the top name.

I used to think Manny Steward was over-rated until i saw his strategy for Klit play out in the byrd and peter fights.

I still think Buddy McGirt's over-rated; seen too many of his guys lose with bad gameplans.

"whats about trainers in Michigan?" Bill Miller if he's still training.

Many trainers do great with certain types of fighters but ONLY with those types. I'd lump McGirt, Atlas, Rooney, and to a large extent Manny Stewart into this category.

Jack Mosely & Yoel Judah shouldn't even be mentioned on this thread. Both have benefitted from their sons' natural abilities and (especially Jack) have often hurt their kids with their lack of knowledge. A prime example of that being Jack Mosely telling Shane to keep stepping right against Winky Wright. WTF?

A couple of damn good trainers I've not seen listed yet are Dan Goosen (I think it's Dan... his brother is horrible btw) and Scott Ardrey.

Dundee reminds me of Lou Duva in the sense that neither of them have really been involved in the day to day training of "their" fighters for years. They have people who do this for them and they only come in during the last couple of weeks before the fight. Futch did this too (Freddie Roach was one of his guys) near the end btw.

Not in any perticular order:

Eddie Futch (Norton, Frazier, Bowe, Roach)

Cus D'mato (Tyson, patterson, Torres)

Gil Clancy (Emile Griffith)

Manny Steward (Kronk)

Angelo Dundee (Leonard, Ali)

Nacho Bernstein (Ricardo Lopez, some other top Mexican fighters)

Ray Arcel (Duran)

Evangelista Cotto (Miguel&Jose Cotto, Ivan Calderon, Juan Manuel Lopez, Henry Bruceles, some other top Puerto Rican fighters)

George Benton (Whitaker, Meldrick Taylior)

Brendan Ingle (Prince Naz Hamed, Junior Witter, other top British fighters)

Manny Steward is a right hand punchers kind of trainer. I can't think of 1 Steward fighter off the top of my head with a decent left hook.

Hearns could hook off the jab very well. Manny is great with tall, rangy guys who can punch.

The hook wasn't a KO punch for Hearns. Try and think of a fighter Steward has trained whose bread and butter was the left hook.

might have somethign to do with the fact that manny taught the hook as 2 punches: the long hook and the short hook. remember him talkin about it on the hearns documentary on hbo.