Best Brand of Glucosimine?

Any particular brand more effective than the rest?



i've used many types,,but the one i get the most rresults from is a liquid variety that i pick up at Costco. It's the fastest way absorbed by tthe body. Each two tablespoons gives you 2ooomg glucosamine, 1200mg chondroitin,400mg MSM and 125mg of vitamin c.
It's the best one on the market,,i'm sorry the name escapes me now,,but it''s the only one of it's kind in liquid form at Costco.

JKDconcepts is right on. I took capsules for a long time until my knee
was messed up and wasn't getting any better for 3 months. I started
on a liquid and within a couple days, it was feeling better. A friend told
me about the Costco one and I get that all the time now...and extra
bottles for friends who don't belong. It's by Symtec in a red and blue
bottle. 18.99. They also have a liquid multivitamin that's pretty good
too. The only thing I don't like is that they use artificial sweeteners,
which I try to stay away from. I tried the one from Trader Joes's but
could hardly get it down w/out gagging. So, I had to make the tradeoff.

thanks shinblade. i wasn't at home when i replied to that thread,,so i didn't know the name was symtec.The liquid multi vitamin sounds like a great idea too,,and it's not expensive at all. I have a good diet so i don't bother with other vitamins.

     i hope this is some help el bastardo!

I can't believe anything you post or say. You are a moo duk kwan practitioner and therefore unreliable.

"I can't believe anything you post or say. You are a moo duk kwan practitioner and therefore unreliable."


I take a liquid mixture called Nutri-Flex. The liquid absorbs quicker than capsules. It's been working great for me.

The most important thing to look for when purchasing any supplements is the DIN number on the bottle. If there is no DIN number you are not getting what you pay for.

there is a comparison study in this month's edition of Consumer Reports, though, they don't list too many brands. On the up side,,they do promote glucosamine and chondroitin paired together as one of the only things out on the market that are of any help to anyone struggling with osteo-arthritis.

DIN = Drug Identification Number. This may not apply in the States? In Canada, supplements are expected to meet rigid standards as are medications.