Best buy for mats

I know this question has been asked time and time again but now I am in need.

Bout a month ago someone was selling some zebra mats slightly used for like $80 a piece, anyone recall?


13 mats for sale on ebay at moment. 9 dax and 4 zebra.

Back in November someone in Michigan was selling around 20 zebra mats for around $80.

Those on Ebay figure to around 105 a mat, I was really hoping to get them at 80-85

I was thinking about getting some of the mats that were for sale last November. The person who was selling them for around $80 was named Molly. They ran a club in Michigan. You may want to try a post in the Atama BJJ forum also.

Swain mats for sale in the Atama forum

Hey thanks Terry R, Those Swain in the Atama look promising!

If you click on that link provided, Those are the same pictures I remember seeing from Nov. Just a different name