Best cheese for sandwiches?

My girl is going to start making sandwiches so we (and by we, me lol) eat healthier. What cheeses are good on sandwiches? I have some yellow American for cheeseburgers and what not, but I don’t remember them offering me that at Subway lol.

Any suggestions? And not the silly expensive stuff from Deli’s… the stuff I can get from my local Wal Mart or Food Town cold cuts/cheese aisle.


Muenster and provolone cheese are my favorites for sandwiches.


Lakebike camembert.



Sunway offers yellow american surely....I never order it, always go with Pepper Jack. You're making me question it.


From under cheese for OP.....sorry, I snapped.


Devin Ratray's gf, WOOF -

Muenster and provolone cheese are my favorites for sandwiches.

First post once again. 

Provolone, Colby Jack and Pepper Jack. Pretty cheap and available at Walmart would be Sargento. All that said I had you pegged for a Velveeta brick guy.

No more fried fish and Hush Puppies, Shlonger?

Cheese Nutz

The best grilled cheese is always made with garbage cheese. 

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I make sandwiches at work for lunch. You can’t really go wrong with any of the slice cheese you get at the the store unless you get kraft slices. This week I tried a new one, it’s a white Irish cheddar cheese. It’s okay. 

I a big Havarti fan. Great on any kind of sandwich. 

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American is for grilled cheese and that's about it.

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Whichever cheese you go with, throw a slice of American on with it. 

provolone and swiss

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american is for Biden voters

I love Pepper Jack and Swiss.