Best college football forums?

I frequent which is good and great during the season for gifs and vids of pays you might have missed, but are there any other college football forums out there that any ogers frequent? Phone Post 3.0

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Yes it's lsu specific on the main tiger rant board but each SEC team has their own board with good discussion.

Site is pretty heavy moderated though and posting rules too strict (site wide) though. Phone Post 3.0

But of course that's lsu and sec geared. Not sure of your team. Phone Post 3.0

Rivals college football message board Phone Post 3.0

Also tigerdroppings is home to LSUFREEK who is probably the best gif maker in all of the interwebs. (I realize that is exaggeration but his gifs always get posted to other forums as well as major sport sites) Phone Post 3.0

Oh mine too. Without a doubt. Always has something original during the season. Phone Post 3.0

relevant Phone Post 3.0

Festus - But of course that's lsu and sec geared. Not sure of your team. Phone Post 3.0
I'm a Gator fan and huge SEC are the best proponent, so that sounds Peru good. Phone Post 3.0

Texags has a huge following for everything about A&M from recruiting to what not. I would check out rivals or 24/7.

Actually BR may not have the forums, but they have decent articles about everything you can think of for college football.

Personally I enjoy some of the threads on the OG because one minute it's like "haha my team is beating yours" then the next minute it's like "fuuuuck". Phone Post 3.0

After the OG, is my second go to board, in particular, The Peristyle (USC Trojan Board).

LSUFreek is one of, if not the best .gif makers out there! Phone Post 3.0

Also, has a good NCAA football board. Phone Post 3.0