Best College In TermsOf NFL Talent

Just started to think about it. ND, Mich, USC, etc come to mind historically.

OSU, USC, the U etc for current. Who else?

Chris Weinke. 1st he wins the Heisman, then goes on to a stellar NFL career like Ward before him.

Burt Reynolds, IMO

notre dame??? they havent produced anyone really until julius jones had a big year, i also believe they havent had a first round draft pick in like 10 years.

ohio state, oklahoma, fsu, miami are by far the elite in no particular order.

2nd tier: LSU, Texas, Michigan

Tommie, my OK loving brother. Please look up historically in the dictionary before making silly posts.

Don't make me come to Stillwater again. We can meet in the parking lot of the Walmart thats' near that huge silo looking thing near campus.

Look, you gave us Barry, be happy.

I thought JM was talking about Miami when he said "the U"


Duane Johnson, IMO

As much as it pains me to say this, That Team Up North sends more guys to the NFL than The Ohio State University.

Additionally, the Florida schools and Tennessee also do very well.

RyanWolcox has slapped the correct. Andre Johnson, Warren Sapp, Shawn Taylor, Portis, Mkinnie, Reggie Wayne, McGahee, Michael Irvin, Ed Reed, Philip Buchannon, DJ Williams, Jonathan Vilma, Santana Moss, Ray Lewis, etc etc etc etc. There should be no doubt that Miami year in and year out has the best players.


Ain't no thang.

My Tarheels gave us LT, and more importaNtly, Natrone Means.

Id say miami, but usc is gonna be the new miami. USC has prospects out the yin yang, and now that usc is becoming a natinal powerhouse more top west coast recuits are looking to go there and from all over the country

Michigan sends the most QB's, but tOSU sends more positional players.

Last 8 UM QB's have made the NFL, last 7 have started at least one game - Navarre, Henson, Brady, Griese, Dreisbach, Collins, Grbac, Harbaugh. Henne will be #9.

Most players (impact players too) has to be Miami.

Miami hands down.