Best Commentator Team

If you could pick any combo of anyone in the world to commentate an MMA event who would it be?

I think I'd go with Bruce Beck, Blatnick, Rogan Trio

What the hell happened with Blatnick anyway? He always seemed rather knowledgeable about the sport, and was constantly playing devil's advocate. He would definitely be a welcome addition to the team.

Blatnick & Pappa Schnake

"What the hell happened to Blatnick anyway"

I think that he was released by SEG & is now announcing for the IFC & WEC.

Goldberg and Pulver.


SChnake belongs IN the ring as the MC

Rampage and Don Frye!!...they were awesome during one of the KOTC shows

lol...relax dude..i was kiddin...i did think that them talking about different beers was funny as hell though...they forgot a match was even on

Ken and Bas


if he learned the game,


Blatnick and Pulver would be insanely great!

Joe Rogan is way too biased. Like the Penn/Hughes fight. He shouldn't say things like, "He's gonna get molested in the fence!", Then BJ totally cleans out Joe Rogan's idol. Commentators should not be jockriders. It makes them look like they don't know what they are taliking about when they're wrong.

Rogan is not quite as "tight" in his announcing skills as a few of the others but he brings intensity to the table which is just as important -- that's why I figure him, beck and blatnick would be perfect together.

Even Rogan, Golberg and Blatnick would be cool.