Best Comp Ever!

The Australian submission wrestling comp at the Manly Pacific Hotel held yesterday was by far the best comp I have ever been in, despite losing my first fight.

The quality of the competitors was fantastic with a few notable standouts.

Nathan H from roots taking out the novice open only training since January.

Nick Bova from Garcie Barra taking out the intermediate under 85kg. He has only been a blue for 2 months.

Sari from Machado going hard against Phillipa K despite giving probably 20kgs and 20cm in height. Her triangle attempt after being lifted out of a sprawled guillotine was awesome. Possibly the best fight of the day.

Elvis was a standout. Guga put in a solid effort but Elvis was just too big and strong. His technique was pretty bloody good too.

My one criticism of the comp was that at the end of the day only one mat was being used. Use both mats and get the bloody thing finished before 6pm!

Awesome comp.

anyone have full results?!

I have to agree great comp. The only let down was the late start and having the comp run over when a little bit of planning and better use of the mats could have had it finish earlier. Also, a couple of the poor refs were left to ref on one mat for the whole day. No names, but I noticed one of the refs not even watching his mat, checking out what was going on, on the other mat, several times. It's too hard to spend that much time reffing (the day went for almost 10 hours).

There were some great matches during the day. Arnold put in a great effort in the white belt Absolute, looking very dynamic. One of our guys dislocated his shoulder at the start of the match on a guilotine attempt. He continued wrestling for another two minutes, managed to sweep and mount the guy. Alas it went off the mat and when they were stood up, his arm was hanging limply by his side, now that is heart and determination.

Actually, that brings me to my next gripe. The first aid guy was terrible. Wasn't paying attention to what was going on. Had to be called over and over to attend, and at one point, had left the arena without telling anyone where he went and had to be chased. One of our guys even had partly dislocated his knee and he said he should find a knee brace and just compete? Also, he had NO ice for any injuries. I know, it's not the organisers fault, they paid someone to attend, but it was very disappointing to see.

Flavio also managed to continue winning his matches with sleeve chokes, even in a no gi comp. Alex Sinclair looked great winning his division in the intermediate. There were a couple of other guys who looked great as well, but alas I don't know who they were or what division they were in (I had to worry about coaching and my upcoming match).


Team Results:1st: Gracie Barra
2nd: Machado
3rd: Gracie Sydney
4th: Roots
5th: Extreme
The results were very close making it a great competitive competition.Elvis

damn that flavio and his sleeve chokes! i swear i woke up defending my neck this morning, how i hate the gi:P ive gotta agree that it was the most enjoyable comp i have ever been to, great atmosphere, great matches! the crowd really got into some of the fights! the atmosphere was electric right before Elvis vs Paulo, with everyone crowding around their mat and chanting their names. props to Paulo for stepping up. great day!

Great Performance Big D on winning the HW Intermediate division and your second in the Absolute. Great work, great performance.


anyone have full results??!!

ok, i'll add $0.02

it was a godd comp, but definately not the best ever.

for starters, it took until 6pm to finish (8+ hours) and there were less matches and divisions than in a normal bjj comp.

it was probably worse for me as i worked all night but it just dragged on and on and i ended up falling asleep in a corner. i know that the 3-mins no point rule is meant to encourage people to go for submission, but to me, it seemed to mean that people didn't really try anything for 3 minutes becuase "well if i do it, then i won't get a point, so why waste energy"... kinda hard to decide whether the rule is good or bad for the sport. i just feel that it made people walk around for 3 minutes doing nothing, so a 5 minute match became a 7 minute match.

also, the refeering...... fair enough, we can all have a bad day (i have had shockers), and i don't like to mention names, but our japanese fighter (Kenuchi) was dead-set robbed. i thought it strange that there were only 2 refs for the whole day.

definately a good day though (sorry to write too much above) and some good matches.

Elvis - great work. Also, I was impressed with Gustavo when i fought him. How long is he out here for?

no doubt next year will be improved and it'll get better.



ps. BigD, in regards to that sleeve choke, i think he has gotten everyone with that! however, in my opinion, a person with a Black Belt in Judo, and a purple in BJJ should not have been in the intermediate division....

Sounds like quite the event - I would have enjoyed watching it. How many people competed in the various divisions? What were the cash prizes? Whose club is Gracie Barra (in Sydney?)?

Thanks for that Elvis, and cheers for putting me in there.
He was a black belt in judo?!? and there i was trying to work some greco on him, no wonder i couldn't get any good tie ups, lucky i didn't get hiptossed into next week. i think he didn't win his division so i guess he was right to be intermediate. and yeah i saw a couple of scetchy reffing jobs, but hey if it was me in there, it woulda been planty worse, i once caused an all in brawl in a basketball game that i was reffing. 100% my fualt:P good on those refs for doing it the whole day!

"what was the white belt absolute?"

After all the weight classes in the beginner and intermediate had finished, each Team submitted one competitor for the Absolute division.

"Also, I was impressed with Gustavo when i fought him. How long is he out here for?"

I believe Gustavo is out here til atleast August and I think he'd like to stay longer.

The sad part of the reffing was that we had a guy who wanted to ref, was a purple belt & attended the referees clinic. The federation said he wasn't needed.

"have you got anything interesting planned for this year re: MMA?"

Nothing planned, but I will be looking to see what is out there. This was my first comp since surgery and a chance to test out my knee.

I belive there was just over 100 competitors. Gracie Barra is run by Marcelo. There was only 9 points between 1st and 2nd (basically one first place) so it was very close. There was cash for the absolute division winnners, I think $100 for the beginner, $200 for the Intermediate, and $400 for the Advanced (not 100% on the other divisions) plus the usual sponsors prizes, once again, thankyou to the sponsors for their support.

"Hopefully another no-gi comp this year."

There's always the ADCC event in Melbourne. That's a great test and also gets your name out there due to the exposure.

"for starters, it took until 6pm to finish (8+ hours)"

Actually after presentations, it was after 7pm.

Overall a good day. It was well run other than not fully utilizing the mats, and not having enough. A third mat utilized properly would have had it all finished by 4 or 5pm.


Actually Big D was taller. I forgot to tell him about the Judo background before the match. Though I was yelling for him to shoot the legs... :) And later to watch out for the sleeve choke...


i actually love shooting for doubles and singles, but my left knee is in a bad way so the best i could do all day was to squat down for a singles from the clinch.

To being with- my knowledge of BJJ competitions is minimal.

With all the talk of attempting to speed matches up and using the ruling of not scoring for the first three minutes obviously (from reports) not working, how about trying with double points within the first three minutes or half points after three minutes? Would this make things more active early?

Just an idea from someone standing in the outer.

Awesome comp, very long day though, Elvis is right the second mat should have been used at the end still.
I was stoked Gustavo, Elvis, Paulo etc. put their reps on the line to compete it was awesome to watch, thanks guys. Oh yeh Go Gracie Barra!!!!

i have some pics if anyone can put em up?

go the great GRACIE BARRA

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