Best Comp Ever!

Basically regardless of what the rules are, there are always going to be fighters who use the rules to win rather than fighting to win. Changing rules doesn't make a fighter fight better. A fighter makes himself fight better. Look at the no.1 submission guy, Marcello Garcia, regardless of the rules, he fights the same way every time, to win by submission. That is the way I like to do it too.


Post the links here, then I stick em up in html for all to see.


Waiting for those links.

Still waiting for the links.

ttt for a link airborne.jpg and steve.jpg

there you go the quality isnt the best because theyre off my video camera,
and my battery ran out at the start of Elvis vs Guga. he he snuck one of me in there,

I saw that and looked more like a good counter to me.

it was a counter, i had an over under on him, tryed to step around his leg for a bodylock throw, but didn't step far enough, he then went for the inside trip, bisicly puting his leg back between mine and i just fell back, bridging and turning with his momentum, i had a tight under over bodylock. hey that was you that did that sweet shoulder crank? that was a sweet sub! what a sick action shot! perfect timing with the scream.

Those spaces are a html nightmare... :pElvis

More pics.

TTT for the pics.

No love for the pics?

not from me!! :'(

i'm getting thrown on my arse, then i'm mounted.....

[double post]

Great photos! I stand by my call. Best comp ever!

Ouch hate the look on that guys face during the shoulder lock.

Great looking shot of the small guy wearing the long-sleeve black top(name?) doing the foot sweep on the big guy (name?)!

Hey Rodney, sorry, didn't mean to bring up painful memories... :(

Oh a friendly note, I was impressed with your overall performance on the day. You looked good overall. You just got drawn into playing Guga's game. Keep up the good work.

BTW, that was a nice cartwheel guard pass attempt by Guga.


ttt for the pics.
for christ sake Elvis, you collected a bunch of that horny goat weed. I feel sorry for everyone you roll with at SPMA this week. ;-)