Best competition run ever??

who do you guys think had the best competion run thus far? i was combing over old footage and man MARGARIDA was on fire in 1998-2001 or whenever he near lost his foot..

no doubt there are guys today at another level but this guy starting taking numbers in 1997 i saw at the black belt challenge and didnt STOP tapping people.. I mean even the legends Saulo, Fabio gurgel even Llyod irvin for the grace of GOD...


Craziest part is he had a pretty bread and butter game.
ankle pick, arm/collar drag, arm bar, triangle and umoplata and cross choke all day long.

krons run at brown belt was nuts too

Terere 2000-2004

Roger Gracie 1999-2010

Cobrinha 2006-2010

well rogers roger.. and has always beaten everyone.. i dont think there were many matches he was the under dog and he lot in 2003 to pedepano and jacare in 2004

but man margarida those fights we epic not one sided beatdowns but if i find my compilation tape you'll be on the edge of your seat the whole time osme back and forth wars with flavio almedia and all the legends.. nino, gurgel,saulo ect ect

jacare turned up like a super powered more athltic version and beat him pretty handily but thoe fights were exciting all hell.. some bjj today is like watching paint dry till one guys takes top for and advantage??

Gotta be Roger hands down

you guys are actually right with some thought i see it has to be rogers run ..

what i meant to say is the most back and forth exciting fights to the END.. that now is margarida for sure..

roger just handles everyone pretty clearly so he's on another level


If you want wars look no further than Leo Vieira from '99-'05.

ElPulpo - If you want wars look no further than Leo Vieira from '99-'05.

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guys think back... marga vs flavio alemdia was crazy man.. and then when he added the ankle pick in 99 pans ams.. and the baseball bat choke from knee on belly later that year it was like dragonballz with a villain getting stronger ever episode..


jaca was hella exciting but again just killed most everyone he fought except the guys that beat him or cancelled him out

i alost forgot margarida vs roleta?? never mind that pedepano??

i going to my parents house right now to dig up this tape and convert ya'll to some beleivers

BUT IN THE MEAN-TIME.. sit on this battle

In 2004 Terere was on a level few people can match.

No one is doubting that Margarida had a great run, but there's a difference between a really exciting run and the best run ever.

Even though he only fought once each year, it's hard to top Roger 2009/2010 where he took double gold each time and finished all but one of his matches.

Claude Patrick -
BUT IN THE MEAN-TIME.. sit on this battle

That armlock as he was passing was sick!! Phone Post

I totally agree Rogers the best historically thus far but the sheer energy of margas fights were nuts

tereres run was amazing and looking at the people he beat and gave problems to is impressive too i mean subbing marcelo, owning roger for like what over half their match. i think if terere had a more "modern" sport approach to his bjj he could have beat roger, he lost position trying to get the sub instead of holding on for the points/win.

Margarida was a game changer

one of the best ever

in terms of single competition i think it was 06 mundials when roger submitted everyone.....from mount.....with basically the same choke....its scary when you cant stop the inevitible, especially at that level. krons whole brown belt saga also Phone Post

I think 51 subs in a row should get a mention as a great run in competition ( at any belt )

Not nearly as impressive as some in terms of length or whatever, but I thought JJ Machado's run in the ADCC was impressive.