best console controller.....

NES.....discuss. j/k.

A hybrid between the dual shock and the 2nd ed xbox controller.

I love the analog on the xbox controler, but the white and black keys are impossible to get to.

The DS controller is nice, but the sticks eat balls.

I actually really like the 360 controler my 2nd choice would be the Atari Jaguar's


. JK

I still get warm fuzzies when I think of the N64 controller. That thing was the shit.

Playing Robotron64 with a controller in each hand for hours straight, I felt like their was no boundary between my body and the machine. There were no controllers, no hands.

I always wanted to play Robotron 64 with dual controllers.

"my 2nd choice would be the Atari Jaguar's"

really? I didn't like that there were only 3 buttons that could be hit without looking at the controller's overlay

Atari 5200 LOL

The N64 controller was fuggin awesome at the time but it was pre-dual stick.

I like the 360 controller's analoge sticks and the triggers/bumpers.

But I don't like how heavy it is and ergonomically I never thought it 'felt' better than the sony dual shock (and now that they've added the motion sensor + the shaker tech, it's pretty nice).

But there is more of a slight dead zone with the sony sticks than with the microsoft sticks.

So uh yeah a combination I guess...

gotta go with the xbox s controller, or the 360 controller. dual shock controller is 3rd imo.

i gotta admit though, the dreamcast controller was the shit with a vmu. i loved picking plays on nfl 2k on the controller.

im actually surprized no one else has ever picked up on having a digital screen on their pad.

DS3 for me, followed by the GC, than 360.

Yeah, the VMU was great.

360 wins it easily for me.

My hands are too big for any of Sony's controllers.

360 followed by the Dreamcast,

I like the playstation ones but really its probably just because im used to them, never really used a controller i havnt been able to adapt to.

Dreamcast and the Saturn Batarang-looking one.

the wireless x360 controller is great for me

I love the 360 one  and I hate the DS3 ... but its all about taste.

The Dual Shock 3 isn't even out yet, is it?

DS3 is out in Japan and available for ordering world wide,

360 wireless is nick but I love the N64.

Anyone ever use those modified FPS controllers with like real gun triggers?

360 and dreamcast VMU was awsome wish MS or sony would come up with their own version of the VMU