best console for shooters?

what is the best system for shooting games. 1st person shooters with a light gun. I saw an ad for Time crisis for PS2 and it looked hardcore. any ideas?

ps2, the time crisis 2 game is too short. Haven't tried part 3 yet

from my experience, yes. but I still like them a lot. thanks for the advice. I wish Xbox would come out with some of these style games.

Xbox has House Of The Dead 3 and a really fruity looking light gun made by Mad Catz.

It's supposed to be a pretty good gun, though.

is that its only shooter? I like cop style shooters better

The PC.

what games?

he is confused... few if any on PC as far as light gun games go

ususually shooters = first person shooters

ah. ya, I'm referring to light gun games.

cool, added