Best Countries to live

Country Human Development Index 2021 Population
Norway 0.953 5,465,630
Switzerland 0.944 8,715,494
Australia 0.939 25,788,215
Ireland 0.938 4,982,907
Germany 0.936 83,900,473
Iceland 0.935 343,353
Hong Kong 0.933 7,552,810
Sweden 0.933 10,160,169
Singapore 0.932 5,896,686
Netherlands 0.931 17,173,099
Denmark 0.929 5,813,298
Canada 0.926 38,067,903
United States 0.924 332,915,073
United Kingdom 0.922 68,207,116
Finland 0.92 5,548,360
New Zealand 0.917 4,860,643
Liechtenstein 0.916 38,250
Belgium 0.916 11,632,326
Japan 0.909 126,050,804
Austria 0.908 9,043,070
Luxembourg 0.904 634,814
Israel 0.903 8,789,774
South Korea 0.903 51,305,186
France 0.901 65,426,179
Slovenia 0.896 2,078,724
Spain 0.891 46,745,216
Czech Republic 0.888 10,724,555

I cannot put my finger on what you never see on this list.

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Hahahaha brilliant, you are missing the utopias of Africa, the bastions of law and order, Nigeria, south Africa and so forth…

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Afghanistan has a pride program at their college. Include them!


that list is retarded. Iceland is dark half the time and I hear they only party fri/sat nights from midnight till sun comes up.

Portugal didn’t make the list? insanity. No Colombia? GTFO outta hurr…

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I think OP only cares about the fact that there are no black majority countries on the list. If you didn’t know, he doesn’t like black people no matter where they’re from. It’s wierd.

Who said anything about black people?? Why would you bring up race?

Japan has that many people?

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Which one belongs on the list? I’d love to hear it.

Hopefully, he was talking about China and not Mozambique.

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Name a black majority country that’s not a complete shithole


I’d rather make a list of the ones I want to die.

I’ve only lived in the United States and Canada and I don’t wish to hurt anyone’s feelings… Neither country is that great right now anyway.

Everything is awesome and no one is happy.


Happy they didn’t make the list.

The internet is fucking broken.



I dont wanna know

Thats it

I would live in any of those minus Israel, not even their women make up that place tolerable

If that is a new video and those guys are actual Taliban… maybe they are good guys.

Australia looks like a shithole

Now that most of the losers are out of Mexico and over here I might consider Mexico after we go commie.

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