Best Darse chokes in UFC history

Take a look back through some of the top Darse choke finishes in UFC history. Tony Ferguson currently holds the UFC record with three.

And on the name, it's a Darse choke, not a D'Arce choke or as written above a D'arce choke which isn't even a thing.

The list of individuals who have a move named after them is short, and perhaps the most humble is Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt Joe D’Arce, who runs D'Arce Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/MMA in Shirley, NY. D’Arce's surname is pronounced sort of like the letters D-R-C, said sort of quickly, with an emphasis on the R. The choke is pronounced Darse; it rhymes with sparse.

“It’s odd that the choke is named after me because I never claimed to invent the choke, and I never claimed that I’m the only one who does it,” said D’Arce to MMAFighting in 2009. “But when anyone gets good at a certain move, other people associate that move with him. So people started using my name when talking about it. But I didn’t invent the move. I was shown that move by one of the instructors at the Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy named John Danaher. He showed me the move, and I really liked it. So I worked hard at it, tried it from all different angles, and became known for using it, and it kind of snowballed to where people started using my name with it.”

“The person who really made that choke popular on the West Coast was a jiu-jitsu coach named Marc Laimon. He knows how to pronounce my last name, but he said, ‘It’s too many syllables.’ So he shortened it to ‘Darse’ so when he’s coaching someone in a fight or a jiu-jitsu match he can yell out, ‘Darse’ quickly. … No one ever says ‘dee-R-see choke.’ Everyone just says ‘darse.’ People often call me ‘Darce’ because they don’t know how to pronounce my name when they see an apostrophe. People say ‘Hey, Joe Darse’ and I don’t correct them, even though it is pronounced ‘dee-R-see’.”

“Marc Laimon is the one who really made this choke popular. He teaches a lot of fighters on the West Coast, he’s a well-known jiu jitsu coach, and what he calls the choke becomes what other people call it. He’s the one who made the Darse choke the Darse choke.”

“It’s flattering, but I hope people don’t think I’m trying to take credit for the Darse choke, or claiming I invented it. Everyone has certain moves they’re good at, and I was good at the Darse choke, but the person who really made the move popular is Marc Laimon.”

The same choke in gi competition is called a Brabo.

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when did the Brabo  get invented?.


Edit: didn't read the whole thing before commenting. Interesting.

Nice spelling Kirik. Arse choke imo 

ranier wolfcastle - 

when did the Brabo  get invented?.



The move itself was probably known by someone 2,000 years ago.

The first competitor to notably use the choke in Gi was Leonardo Vieira, around 2000. He was at the time competing for Alliance, and would go on to found Checkmat. Viera’s email adress at the time was Leobrabo@ and thus the choke became called the Brabo choke, in gi.

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Joe's a humble guy. Anybody could've cashed in on that choke being named after them. He didn't. 

In for later, I enjoy these videos 

ranier wolfcastle -

when did the Brabo  get invented?.



Came here to post BRABO too

Sorry to be the grammar police but is it not d’arce