Best digital camera under $100

Will mostly be for welding inspection and occasional food photos. What's good out there? Preferably available through Amazon prime.

your phone should be better than a 100 camera


I tried FIVE in the $100-$200 range a couple years ago. 3 different Canon, a Samsung and a Nikon. They were all PURE SHIT. I think the $100 one I bought in 2006 was better than these pieces of shit. 

No cock pics?

GenErick - your phone should be better than a 100 camera

This, this & this.  Don't waste your money unless you have a flip phone. Do you have a flip phone OP?

At $100, you're not even in the ballpark of anything worth buying.

Just go to Walmart and buy any camera under 100.

They are all the same.

Or just use your phone.

Tiresias -

For under $100 you're better off just drawing a sketch on a napkin with a crayon.



My phone camera lens is scuffed up pretty badly.


Dan O'Connell -


There wont be a ton of difference at that price. Nikon and Canon both have cheap point and shoot cameras.

If you wanted to spend more money you could still get a used DSLR body with a decent sensor (like a new-ish Rebel) for cheap and buy a solid value lens like a 50mm 1.8

I suggest this to everyone looking to start cheap.