Best DJ Albums

What are some of your favorite DJ albums?

I love DJ Shadows-Endtroducing

The Avalanches-Since I left you

and Daft Punk's first two albums.

I wouldn't call the Daft Punk stuff a djay album.

QBert's "wave twister" is a djay album.

Dstyle's "Phantazmagorea" is a djay album.

Kid Koala's "some of my best friends are djs" is a djay album.

the ThoughtControl sampler.. djay EP. (shameless plugg!)

Mix Master Mike - "Anti-theft Device" and "Eye of the Cyklops" are both great. They're not at all "danceable", but both showcase insane skills. I'd like to get his other two CDs as well.

Mix Master ah cut faster!

Mix Master ah cut faster!

Oh yeah! I saw him with the Beasties, and he opened for them by putting two copies of Rush's "Tom Sawyer" on the turntables, and he ripped the everlovin'shit out of it!

I was with a friend who loves Rush, but also thought DJs were talentless. He was totally blown away and completely converted after that.

Mr Dibbs stuff when he spins metal in it...

LOL @ "DJ Albums"

Oh, you're one of those.

My condolences to your girlfriend.

Mea culpa, then.

I thought you were belittling the skill of turntablists.
Apparently, you were instead drawing the finer distinction between the varieties.

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Q Bert's first Tape. I cant remember what it was called but it had something to do with boogers. He used to sell it hand to hand then put in in some different bay area stores. This was around 94'.

Mixmaster mikes first tape. Cant remember the name.

ISP's(Q bert, Mixmater Mike, Appolo) were the greatest hip hop group ever, even over Emcee's imo.

I haven't heard many of these...but Kid Koala's "Some of my best friends are DJ's" has been in steady rotation since I got it a couple years ago.

Excellent fucking album. The comic it comes with is pretty damn good too! The man's got talent...