Best drum line ever?

This is insane. I am sure it has been pasted over the years, but I just found it so piss off.

I'll come back when it's blue 

I failed..




Na, it's the one nick cannon. 


Those p1s ain't no joke. 

I've been to a few of those events. There're intense as fuck. If you ever get a chance to see one live do it 

Good stuff OP

Love the rudiments and technique but I just can't get over the pageantry. It is one step removed from rhythmic gymnastics.


When I was a kid I found out Steve Gadd did drumline after hearing crazy army and I was sold on doing it as well until I realized what it entailed. So I just got all the sheet music I could find and learned it in the most masculine way I knew how: by myself, without a costume, and sitting down.

That was awesome.

Kid dropped a stick at 4:10, otherwise it was a flawless performance.