Best Duo's in NBA history?

Shaq just got his second foul… Pippen drew another charge.

Jordan helps Pippen up and smacks him on the butt.

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Magic would get a triple double with 19 assists, I wonder how many assists Kobe would get…

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Damn, 1 on 1 and Magic gets 19 assist? That’s incredible.

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Are they playing 2 on 2 like regular humans or Full court NBA Jam :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Curry and klay would be hard AF to beat 2 on 2. Steph can drag you anywhere he wants and hit from anywhere and klay defends and shoots like a beast

This is the NBA, and these are not regular humans.

Kobe hits a game winning shot in double O.T after MJ had to back off because he had 5 fouls. The hack a shaq came back to bite them in the end. Shaq gets MVP
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Frazier / Monroe


Shaq looks exhausted in your alternate ending.

At least you admit it would be close.

Now, for the real ending…

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John Starks was the MVP

For the Rockets!

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KD and Curry dominated

Here’s Michael after the game
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Hallelujah!!! Let it Reign!!!

head nods at Sam Perkins to pass the spliff

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Kevin collabaro was the 3rd man in on those plays. His calls were as awesome as the dunks. He is my fav at that too

If you don’t watch the whole video, you should at least watch from 5:20 on.

These two are such great and fun guys to listen to.


Shawn def brought the fear factor in his prime. I have a hard time recalling anyone stuffing the dudes shot, stopping a dunk attempt or dunking on him.