Best "economy" vape?

I'm tired of torturing my lungs but really don't want to spend $500-$600 on a Volcano. Half that price I'm OK with. I know Volcano's are the best but I just can't do it.

So what say you, OG? I know you guys have lots of experience with different vapour delivery methods lol. I'm not worried about it being discrete/portable or anything like that either.

I've had a Vaporbrothers for 8 years and it still runs like a champ. It's the original whip-style vape that all others copied and it is still the best imo. It's a great product and satisfies my urge to smoke weed more than the volcano. If you're like me, the ritual of smoking is just as important as the high. Vaporbrothers still feels like smoking weed while some of the more scientific vapes, although probably more efficient, feel like doing a science experiment. Phone Post 3.0

Soldering iron

da buddha by 7th floor.

I have pax. $200. Will charge in car. Fucker is very discreet. Phone Post 3.0

The arizer solo. 150ish and works great. Real portable. Phone Post 3.0

I have da buddah and it works great. I paid 191 for it. Had it less that 4 months and thinking about selling it. Just don't know yet. It works great. I'm just trying to get a new job that's gonna require random drug test. Phone Post 3.0

Extreme Q Phone Post 3.0

Sub for good options, been looking at getting one myself. Phone Post 3.0

Magic Flight Launch Box


Best vaporizers on the market are the Sublimator and the VapeXhale. No one else comes close in terms of knock you on your ass power. with the sublimator you can do a dab and vape at the same time. Phone Post 3.0

I have a vapor brothers its fucking awesome had it two years they have a great warranty and it gets you baked as fuck also have a pax Phone Post 3.0

PatK - 

Magic Flight Launch Box


this. i have a few good vapes that i use regularly but my first vape was a launch box. its cheap and reliable and produces good also comes with a no questions asked lifetime warranty .even if your dog chews it up they will replace it.

i have a puffit that works great and is super low pro. it looks like an asthma gets you baked as hell and no one really knows its even a vape.

Thanks guys! Going to start looking at prices and make a choice. Phone Post 3.0

I've seen the Launch Box as low as $75 online

Any suggestions on a reputable site to order this shizzle?

I thought that was just a bong?

Crooked NYer - The arizer solo. 150ish and works great. Real portable. Phone Post 3.0

This would be my recommendation too. It's cordless, so you can take it where you need it. It's not as portable as a PAX, but the vapor is amazing. Way better vapor than a Magic Flight Launchbox and makes your weed last much longer too.