Best Episode Since TUF I

I think that was the best episode since season 1. Tito got under Ken's skin, but Ken was sort of playing it up to try to motive his team, which was the best and only decent motivational thing he's done so far. Kalib sort of made it easier to like and understand Shamrock by pointing out that he's a really nice guy, but sort of lost and outdated for the current MMA picture. Then they had real tension in the house with Solomon talking tons of smack and almost fighting with Bisping. Singer looked totally stressed out and underconfident, to the point where Tito was even doubting him. Then they had probably the best fight since season 1. Every time Singer got set up for his triangle, it's like, "Is he gonna lock it in, or is he gonna eat a brutal punch?" Then, after shaking off all the jitters, Singer really came out fighting and KO's the guy talking all the shit. Then, all the shit talker can talk about it Kendall, which seemed a little creepy, but who am I to judge?

Damn, that was good.