Best Escapes DVD?

What would be best for a white belt to really solidify the escapes game at a basic level, Roy Harris' BJJ 101, Michael Jen's pin escapes or one of the Island Martial Arts DVD's?

Roy Harris.

Jen's are great but only the last one is on DVD and that one is more advanced.

Island Martial Arts, Roy Harris, and Michael Jen all have great
videos. It depends on how much you want to spend and what your
looking for. For example the the tapes put out by Bolo have a tape
dedicated to an escape from one position. Randy Bloom's escape
series from Island covers escapes from different pins and also
escapes from different submissions such as armbar, triangle, etc.
on two dvd's.

Pin Escapes:

If you can only afford one, I'd recommend Matt Thornton's Functional JKD 2: Bottom Game.

If you have serious money, then the only set that comes near comprehensive is Michael Jen's.

Submission Escapes:

My favourite is Erik Paulson's Best Escape 4 & 5. It's far from comprehensive though. I use stuff from Randy Bloom and Margarida regularly in my escaping game.

Roy's 101 is great for a beginner. There is a lot on combining escapes and details that make it work.