Best Eva on the Comeback Trail....Be a Scare

Soccer kicking like Roberto Baggio.


He woulda Fought Chael on 8 days notice....and broke his face


A Baroni fight Neva Eva belongs on the under card. The human highlight reel strikes agin. Like his pride comeback. Best eva 3.0 Phone Post

Makes me smile to see Phil lay down a beating. Phone Post

joke thread?

Joke? What am I a clown? Here to amuse you.

I'm a real fan. I don't jump ship when the water gets rough Phone Post

Who's the fanook that keeps voting me down?

GB seal of approval

Golden Boy - GB seal of approval

Grazie mille, that's the only seal of approval needed on this board. You're one of the guy who know what's good around here.

Crooklyn - I agree with every single thing Loopz said, but then again, I always do.  

Smartest women EVA. If L&B Spumoni Gardens shipped, I'd send you a Sicilian pie

Lots o' Baroni threads now. Frig all of them. Just a couple of years ago the UG hated Baroni and it was me, The Pav, Joey O, Crook-a-lina, and a few smart UG'ers that supported the BA. Now motherfuckers are on the bandwagon and they can put that bandwagon in their pocket.