Best exit from a TV Reality Show.

Rocky speech, followed by Gorilla chest pounding until he passes out.

It's up there.

Someone smuggling crack in that rehab Phone Post 3.0

I love how a lot of the women didn't seem to understand and were on the verge of breaking down.

yo wtf

Failed super-saiyan transformations are never pretty.

One dude looked like he was thinking "wait, he quoting Rocky Balboa?"

I'm no doctor, but that fella didn't seem entirely stable. Phone Post 3.0

Not an exit but in the same sort of ball park.
How not to come last on a reality show Phone Post 3.0

Being from WV, I'm gonna say Ashley's exit on Tila Tequila is up there. He went ballistic and ended up getting in a fight with a guy and had to be escorted out. He kept screaming "TILA! BOBBY (guy who got the nod over him) YOU COCKSUCKER!" Phone Post 3.0

I was hoping it was that clip.

What a fucking legend.

Who the fuck watches this garbage? Jesus that is a stupid looking show Phone Post 3.0

Jonathan Sahanis was born and raised on Cape Cod Massachusetts by a strict Greek Orthodox family. His first foray into acting occurred at 6 years old when he landed a part playing a young Michael Kennedy after his mother took him to an audition for the TV movie filming in the area. He was bit by the acting bug and continued to pursue it. Blessed with strong features and confidence acting was a good fit for him, however, with limited opportunity on the Cape he acted out in his classes and after a few incidents ended up in boarding school in Connecticut. Although difficult at first it was there that he started to focus more seriously on writing and acting. Shortly after High School, he went to Los Angeles for some work in Reality TV. Once in LA, Jonathan landed a few small parts where he was featured in films like Little Miss Sunshine, Herbie Fully Loaded, and National Lampoon's Dorm Daze 2, while continuing to work in Reality TV that ranged from dating shows like Baggage to competition/reality shows, such as VH1's short lived show Ton of Cash. Although he didn't finish in first place on Ton of Cash, his exit from the show featured the infamous Rocky Balboa speech "It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward!" that ended with a spectacle he calls "The Animal," which spawned a Worldwide viral video that garnered over 11 Million hits on YouTube making him the Youtube sensation he is today. This moment has been featured on shows like Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, the soup including Clip of the Week, and Clip of the Year it was also featured on RudeTube over in Europe. This incident has led to a legion of admirers, who recently lobbied for him to become The Star of a popular video game Saint's Row (5). Aside, from his interest in acting and reality TV Jonathan is a top ranked amateur arm wrestler. He won the 1st ever UAL on Venice Beach, CA. He is also a competitive gamer recently placing #1 in the online league (100,000+ players) of EA Sports Madden 15. Besides acting, he's currently working on a screenplay about his time in boarding school."