Best Faceplant?

Joe Daddy or Scott Smith?

Can someone hook up some gifs?

Smith, imo 

 Tyson Griffin


he was "more dead," if thats possible.

Tyson should be in the mix too

Smith's face bounced off the floor. Can't remember of Stevenson's face did too.

PatrickFreitas - Smith.

he was "more dead," if thats possible.


lol I can't remember the Griffin one perfectly but it can be in there.

Usually people already have gifs of these things haha

Smith for sure. Phone Post

Bewts -  Tyson Griffin

 Haduken..... Griffin. lol.

Lawlor/Diaz was epic just cause of the cartoonish way lawlor fell down lol

Ric Flair!


 Takanori Gomi KOs Tyson Griffin

Maybe I should have specified in the past week.. haha

This should just be "The Best Faceplant" thread now.



Of the two, Smith. Of the year, might give it to Paul Williams.

 for Enigmatic:

this thread has thus far delievered!!!

grabs popcorn