Best FF Summon Spell?

Ever since Rydia way back in Final Fantasy II (US) summons spells have been one of the coolest frickin things in the FInal Fantasy series.


Which summon is the coolest? My favorite would have to be Odin. You gotta love the Norse Slasher

I agree Odin is probably my favorite as well.

Definitely Odin. Neo Bahamut ruled. I didn't get the last materia for Bahamut Zero, so I never saw what it looked like. How sad.

oh man you missed out, bahamut zero was da shit, like bahamut except he fires down his flare from orbit

I always liked Knights of the Round.. Odin was badass too. In FFX I liked Aenima too... his overdrive was sweet.

I HATED Knights of the Round.. Took so fucking long.

Odin and Bahamut Zero were pretty cool - I didn't think anyt of the FFX ones were very good.

siren ff8 :)

what is that big o, looks really familiar

and ffx had some incredible summons, what about anima?? dragged up from the depths of hell, and ifrit is a personal fave with his huge claws and horns, and shiva is hot for an icy bitch

the anima one kicks ass. specially the overdrive

and yojimbo with his japanese garden and cool music, and lets not forget zanmato (though i've never seen it)

Knights of the Round is by far the best.