Best fight at the AFC was.....

McCarthy v. Rockell. Very good action packed fight. Both guys are really tough and not on my top 10 list of people to fuck with. I gave the first round to Rockell because he damn near broke Charles' arm off. Charles was a lot tougher than most and wouldn't tap. Second round was starting out all Rockell. Rockell took McCarty's back and was about to get a choke when they "slipped" out of the ring. The restart allowed Charles to get in better position. The fight ended with a little scramble and McCarthy catching the lock. I think that Rockell deserves a rematch because of the way the fight went out of the ring right as he was about to finish it. Not a slam on McCarthy as he was definatly being a smart fighter and knew where he was in the ring. All in all, best fight of the night.

Can you give your pbp of Prater vs Ruiz?


TheRealJoker - Prater dominated. Ruiz got off no offense the entire fight. It was fairly one sided. There were only a couple of things that really stick out in my mind about that fight. First, Prater was in Ruiz's guard and popped him in the face with a forearm. The ref said it was an elbow and Ruiz seemed to ham it up after the ref warned Prater. Also, Prater kneed Ruiz in the nuts. It wasn't as bad as Ruiz made it seem. The second round really just consisted of Ruiz hanging on and trying to stall. Prater looked good and he is in damn good shape.

THAT'S MY BOY!!! Thanks bflex!!!

blex: I have a slightly different view of our fight. Rockel did not have the choke or the armlock and i watched the video to very this to others. When I caught him in the ankle lock in the first round and he didnt tap i tired myself a bit. Going in the second I decided to do that to him and he had a kimura that I was in his half guard with that did no pain and I even said so to the crowd. The choke he was way off to my side and i was telling the ref the whole time.

As for giving him the first, he did a great job in the fight and is extremely tough but in the first, i rocked him with a punch, slammed him, passed guard to mount, had backmount, and landed GnP to his having the kirmua and briefly having my back without hooks.

The 2 judges I spoke to told me I convincingly won the first round.

Props again to rockel who is the toughest guy I have had the honor of being in the ring with.

BTW I appreciate the props as fight of the night, I try my hardest to entertain while also fighting to win.

you should not have beaten Rockel tonight. You impressed the hell out of me!!!! You have the heart of a champion. You deserve this win 100%. You, my friend are a true fighter!


"Charles, you should not have beaten Rockel tonight."

Ughhhh, huh?

Also, nyone that has rolled with Charles knows that he won't tap for shit. Make sure he goes out cold or you are in trouble.


Yeah, Charles won the first round easily in my opinion. It was a great fight by Rockel, he finished the first round strong in the last ten seconds, but Charles had several submission attempts, superior striking, takedowns, and a couple of guard passes I believe. Rockel had a good kimura attempt and mount or almost mount in the last ten seconds of the round. Second round Rockel was winning but he got submitted. It was a good fight by both guys and yeah, the fight of the night.

Congrats to Charles!


GREAT fight..congrats was a pleasure meeting you

I defer to Charles as to whether Rockell had the choke in or not in the second. You would know better than I would. Still a great fight. The Kimbo shirt was a nice touch.

bflex: thanks again for the props AFC put on another great show

awesome job Charles...made my trip from Puerto Rico well worth it....thanks..

way to go charles!

If it wasn't for Hermes putting me into a state of euphoria with his KO of Gayes, I would definitely call this the fight of the night. Charles' armbar was sweet... Possibly even ninja sweet.

charles won the first round,rockel kind of rallied towards the end of the round.(but not enough imo)second round charles did what he does best finish the fight with a beautiful armbar.bflex nice meeting see ya @ next afc!..but anyway by far the best fight of the night!!