Best fight you've ever witnessed?

Street or otherwise? 

I saw a kid in my highscool who maybe weighed 130lbs flip a kid on his head who easily weighed 230 and ko him with the trip. The kid didn't wrestle or anything, I was on the wrestling team. Very weird, trench coat wearing kid. The fat kid sucker punched him and the kid straight up judo fucked him. 

He then proceeded to take his shirt off and chuck Liddell style celebrate until the teachers came and drug him away. 

It was fucking awesome haha. 

Best fight you've ever witnessed. 

Street: my first day of high school, walking up to the school for the first time and saw a small crowd gathering. Could hear a guy's voice saying stuff like "I'm not gonna fight you" etc sounding kind of scared or passive. Anyway as I got closer, apparently this kid had enough and beat the fuck out of this other kid and started full on suplexing and bodyslamming him and started punching him on the ground yelling "I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE ME ALONE" etc.

Boxing: really enjoyed Hopkins vs Trinidad, nobody gave Bernard a chance and he had a great performance.

MMA: Renzo vs Sakuraba was my favorite for a long time, I'd have to really think about that one after seeing so many other fights through the years. The thing about the old MMA days with fewer events, I'd go back and rewatch fights a lot more than I do now with events most every weekend.

Used to work in a warehouse where conditions were crap and the hours were long. Most people working there were in a bad mood for much of the time. Two of the guys on my team were Everest and a Filipino dude whose name I can't remember. They were both OK guys to work with but the Filo could be a bit annoying. He was one of those guys who don't know when to stop joking around.

One day Everest rocks up to work in a bad mood. He tells the Filo not to fuck with him today because he wasn't in the mood for it. Filo is OK for a couple of hours and then starts to annoy Everest. Everest warns him to stop. Dude doesn't stop. They were working in a narrow aisle with steel shelving on both sides, picking orders. I was working a little way away but could see and hear everything going on.

Dude fucks with Everest one more time and Everest tells him to fuck off. Dude takes offence at being told to fuck off and raises his hands, puffing up and mouthing off.

Everest head-butts him and he rebounds off the shelving and gets hit with a left hook and an uppercut that hooks around his head and pulls him into Everest's knee, twice. He was fucked and just slumped down. It was over in seconds, every hit landed clean and quick.

Both got the sack.

It was a playground fight in 3rd grade--no shit.

This slightly taller than average kid was testing the waters at being a bully during recess over a period of a few weeks; he would go up to people and push them around a few times, calling them names. He threw sand at kids and slapped/punched a few of them, seemingly for no reason than his own entertainment. This went on for a while, and he gained quite a following of minions.

One morning, the bully approached a short, skinny kid he had slapped on one of the previous days. This time, the kid had enough & simply hauled off and decked the bully. He punched him HARD (I can still remember the smacking sound)--square in the jaw 4 times as the kid was falling to the ground, then jumped on top of him and punched him 5-6 more times. The kid nonchalantly got up, straightened his shirt, and walked away. Meanwhile, the bully laid there for what must have been 20 minutes in the fetal position, wailing like a baby. A crowd formed around him, then dispersed. God only knows where the teachers were. He got up a bit later and seemed okay, but now with zero ego.

I've seen some good scraps, but none quite as satisfying as seeing that kid destroy what might have become an even bigger bully over time...I'd bet he never picked on anyone else ever again.