best fighter at espys VOTE!

Randy Couture and Rampage are both listed on the site for you to vote for them as the fighter of the year. This is probably old news but I just put my vote in for Randy.

id go with PBF too... maybe an MMA'er in a another year or two

i voted for manny pacquiao sorry.

OH COME ON!! Are you freakin kidding me?

Mayweather for what!? A snorefest of a victory. Gee thanks.


Randy Couture winning the heavy weight title at 43 years of age in exciting fashion.

Tough decision....

Hey, do what you want. It'll be interesting to see how MMA does being the newcomer to the espys.

I said it before and I said it again. Randy Couture is the least deserving of those 5 to win the award. Anyone but Couture I would be okay with winning. I'll be pissed if COuture wins.