Best Fighter in the NBA?

My vote is for either Matt Harpring or Karl Malone, Jason Kidd beating his wife doesn't count!


Kendall Gill trains BJJ. I think some other pro player does MMA as well.

Has anyone ever seen Otis Thorpe scrap?

I remember Kenny Smith saying he was a bad ass and someone that other players most definitely did not want to start a fight with.

Kobe does boxing... on sprite commercials.

Kendall in BJJ? Trains with whom?

Alonzo Mourning when he was healthy. Very feisty mofo

Sir Charles


We need to get Kendal Gill on here.

Sarunas Marcilonius

Oakley definetly. Dude was an inforcer in the lane.

Bobby Jackson seems to be a mma fan ... seen him interviewed in a UFC I think. Maybe he trains ...

"Charles Barkley. He's been in numerous bar fights"

In his book he said he was only in like five fights in his career.

KENDAL GILL trains in MMA. Chris Jackson before he made some stupid statements about 9/11 sayin the JEWS planned it is also into MMA.

HEMAN - you know who these guys train with?

Otis Thorpe seemed like such a mellow guy, who would have known.

Kermit Washington = Cro Cop of Basketball

i read some of that book and supposedly kermit was punching someone else and rudy somehow got his mug in the way at the worst possible moment.

Danny Ainge..cause he would run like a little bitch !! I would end up laughing my butt off when he took off running..LOL!!!

Rudy T ran full speed into Kermit's punch. Essentially, he was blindsided.

Rudy, T ran from the bench when the fight erupted.

That is why players who leave the bench during an altercation are suspended/fined, so things like that don't ever happen again.