best fighter on TUF lost twice

Everyone seems to think that Leben is the best fighter on the show despite his losses to Florian and Josh. Even further I hear people saying he would have beaten Sanchez easily. Lebem is a good fighter who i am sure we would love to see fight. But come on. Diego despite winning really gets no respect. I guess people dont like his quirks

Deigo is a weirdo, but all that stuff he does seems to work for him. He seems to really get focused before a fight.

Diego IMO has the most talent.

Diego seems like a good guy and can be funny as hell. I'm a fan.

Who is Everyone ?

Leben would have given Diego a tough time. Koscheck had a tough time getting Leben down, Diego would have too. But Leben has much better hands than Koscheck did, and he gave Diego the toughest fight.

Styles make fights.

Leben is less technical than Sanchez, but much more dangerous. I'd put my money on Leben if they fought. Leben wasn't himself against Koschek, and destroyed Florian, but lost due to a cut. Shitty luck, but he is a scary dude to have to fight. Ask anyone who's fought him. It is not fun.

lol @ "I'm fucking Diego Sanchez."

I think Sanchez would take him down quick, beat him bloody and then submit him. People talk about styles making fights, and to a degree that's true. Because Diego stood a lot more with Koschek than he normally would because of Kos' skill on the ground. He would not fear Leben on the ground in any way, he'd look for the takedown starting about 3 seconds after the opening bell. Leben might be a force against someone who wants to stand with him. But on his back with Diego raining down punches he'd be a victim.

"Ask anyone who's fought him. It is not fun."

Nice post.

Joe knows what he's talking about.

Well Diego went in to the Koschek fight saying it was the first time in his life that he would be in a fight where he wasn't the better wrestler. That's going to create a different mindset than he's used to. Saying he knew he couldn't take Koschek down is incorrect IMO. Even the best wrestlers in the world get taken down in MMA, it's a different game when you can set it up with punches and kicks. He also worked hard to escape when Kos attempted to take him down, and from the ground he worked hard to stand up several times. So it's not as if he was so eager to fight on the ground but unable to figure out how to get the fight there.

Leben wouldn't be able to stop Diego from taking the fight to the ground. And once there it'd be all over for everyone's favorite bed wetter.

Nate Quarry was the best fighter on that show

"Koscheck is gonna be the best though. That guy will be damn near unbeatable in a cage. He took a damn beating from Diego and kept coming, and made Leben look like he never wrestled a day in his life.:

He may be the most talented but he is the least complete.
He has a long way to go.

Would Leben and Diego fight at the same weight in the UFC? Can Leben cut to 170?

I think Leben not being himself had a lot to do with Josh

"if he thought he could take koscheck down..he would have tried im

He did once, Josh reversed nicely

"He may be the most talented but he is the least complete. He has a long way to go."

He already easily beat Leben, and gave Diego his only serious challenge.

its gonna be a great fight!