Best Fighter Websites

I've designed a few websites for fighters and a couple gyms. The one question I have is 'what makes a good website for a fighter?' and 'what makes a good website for a gym?' I have a hard time trying to find 'good' fighters websites. I see a lot of good looking MySpace pages, but not too many actual websites.

So, can you guys tell me what sites you really like? And what a good fighter/gym site needs to contain?

Also, I'm really new to these forums. I've spent the last few days just getting to know my way around and read A LOT of these old threads. (I love the 'find' feature). Anyway I appreciate all the discussions here and hope I can add a little value.

The average web surfer has no idea what the hell joomla CMS or a rockettheme template are anyway, the look I can deal with, I think a good site has to be constantly updated and have new information instead of the most recent stuff being updated over a month ago.

^^^so suggest something else, he's looking for constructive criticism, not just the latter was fucking awesome, until it went down the other night.

"Yeah ragging on someone like that, while posting on the UG is some what moronic. "

but it is a consistent occurence

Ah, whatever. I'm just a small MMA site that covers the local MMA scene here in Colorado. I don't need too much out of my website, it serves the purpose well.

I'm just wondering what you guys like to see in a fighters/fight gym website (content wise). Is too much info a little overbearing?

Genki Sudo's is the coolest.

Anyway, yeah, the look doesn't matter so much. People aren't going to keep going to a fighter site because it looks nice, they're going to go because it's updated frequently.

Blogs by the fighter are probably the best. People want to know what their favorite fighters are thinking about fights, how they're training, etc.

Highlight clips and gifs. Plus a page that is updated frequently. Most fighters have page and then it just stays that way for 2 years. Its pretty lame.

"Highlight clips and gifs. Plus a page that is updated frequently. Most fighters have page and then it just stays that way for 2 years. Its pretty lame."

I run Corey Hill's site and his is like that. I ask him for content but he's so busy training and being married with two kids that he doesn't have much time for content.

I appreciate guys like Joe Lauzon who keep all of us informed on what's going on in his world and the behind the scenes stuff.

And to netBLUE my message just asked you for some constructive criticism. I expect the negative comments from folks on these boards but it’s nice when people follow the negative comments with a ‘your site sucks, but if you did this, this, and this, it would still suck, but not suck as bad’

Check out the newly redesigned

That's very neat Chris. Nice work..

Thanks A LOT netBLUE for the tips. I'll be working on those right now. I'm new to the web design world and appreciate the feedback.

If you can e-mail me through the site with any additional comments. is the best website in terms of the content.

Buakaw has one of the coolest looking sites I've seen in terms of the design.

I like BJ Penn's site, because he has vids of his training classes.

I never meant for this site to get so large. Currently it's getting about 6,000 unique hits a month and about a million or so hits (which I don't really trust those 'hit' counts too much.)

 It started out as a site to cover the local shows here in Colorado and next thing you know it turned into a small business. I've been spinning my brain trying to keep it updated and trying to make it 'look' like a real site. But, I'm an accountant, so my creative juices only run so far.

Anyway, I appreciate the comments and good luck with your site when you get it rolling.


For whatever it's worth, one of my favorites as far as look and style:

But it's a bit long in loading, especially on my 1.5 mbit DSL (my house is in the sticks)

Rich Franklin's site is nothing overly fancy and he updates regularly with pictures and blogs.

Not like Arlovski's but I like it