Best Fighting Game Engine Ever !!!

DOA in my opinion. There was also a fighting game that came out in Japan years ago that people were pissed that they werent' porting over. It supposdly had the greatest grappling system and it was ps1. So far I think DOA 3 gives you the best fights, and best graphics. Hopefully DOA Ultimate delivers the same experiance online. I got XBOX Live only for that game really.

Virtua Fighter 4. (PS2 EXCLUSIVE)

THANKYOU MY BROTHER. That was the game. I'm going to try to look it up now.

My cousin has VF4. Good graphics but I didn't like it too much. Too stiff in my opinion. VF3 I thought was a lot smoother. But a lot of people did love the game. DOA 3 so far is the best in my book. I want to play TOBAL 2 though.

Will go out today - buy Tobal 2 (it cheap in the used section)

Then shall report back!

Watch this space.

ohhhhh Soul Caliber 2, forgot about that. I have all three versions because I like all three characters, but my favorite is Link. I will fuck up many people with Link.

EBAY god's greatest gift to the internet. I just paid for a Tobal 2 to be shipped directly from Japan. It cost me 23 bucks total, which isn't bad becuase it's insured. It is coming from all the way from Japan. I hope this game plays on my PS2. Anyone know if I can play a japanese ps1 game on a american ps2?

No, you need to mod your ps2 to play imports. I guess there may be some way to use a boot disc, but I'm not sure.

I hope Tobal 2 is better than Tobal 1, cause that wasn't the best fighter ever.

I found tobal to be very hard to get into. Personally I preferred Tekken 3 to tobal.

Totally agree. Though the simple controls of SF Hyper Fighting are gold.

Never played Tobal.

The counter mechanic in DOA is flat-out awesome. Totally negates button mashers. Apparently it's a little more complex in DOA: Ultimate, but for absolute professionals like myself, it's probably a good thing. The multiple levels, and immersive graphic just top it off.

DOA3 is still so impressive looking. IT's amazing what they achieved, it'll be interesting to see where else they can take the visuals.

People think that jockey, but you've got low, mid, high, and throw attacks, and really, it's still not fast enough to see a move coming and counter that specific level of attack.

I can see why people think that. After about the 10-20 hour mark of game time, I was thinking the same. However, people who do play the counter game only against me, get a righteous beatdown.

pulsar is correct about the SF games.

LMAO @ DOA though.

"considering most of the moves are mid attacks its pretty easy to see them coming."

Ah, again, you haven't played it enough if that's your lasting impression. With 60+ moves per player there's far more than just mid attacks to be concerned about. Seriously.

wasabi. LOL.

At least you're with me on that one. LOL

Its not a game where you can knock the opponent into the air and juggle them. That is the stupidest F'ing idea ever.

HELWIG brutalized correct there. I hate air juggles more than just about anything. Gay, cheap, fucked and retarded. One, two maybe three hits, but more is shite.

I think that juggles were unintentional to begin with.

I really detest it. I know not all games have to be realistic fighters, but that shit in virtua fighter or tekken where your guy eats a kick and pops up into the air and then the opponent nails him with 4 or 5 lead leg kicks before he lands is garbage. It is next to impossible in a fight to actually knock someone up into the air. Let alone hit them again before they land.

Let's not forget the likes of Killer Instinct that shit was GAY.

With the counters in DOA, you guys have not played it enough. I'm quick enough to do a low throw if you counter low and miss it, I don't understand how people think they can pick the counters everytime, it's NOT a sure thing, and you WILL get punished if you miss it. You've got a 25% chance of hitting the right one. With a tag team match, you get '2 man thrown' twice, the round is almost over and a basic grab in Tag Team is easy to do against some countering nut. True story.

I'd probably give the Virtua Fighter series as the next best. I liked Tekken (Tekken 2 on PS1 was great) but I think DOA does it better.

Everyone knows UFC games are the best of the genre!!!!!!!!

"Let's not forget the likes of Killer Instinct that shit was GAY."

LOL!!!!! I was about to agree with you guys about how crappy juggles are but then I remembered how much I love Killer Instinct. :)

Used to play that game forever, then it came out on Super Nintendo and I played it on that forever. Then came Killer Instinct 2 (which I was never as good at but still loved just as much) and I just might have to play that on my N64 in a little while. (aka Killer Instinct Gold, don't know why they didn't just call it #2??)