Best Final Fantasy ever.

Its a tie betweeen FF3 and FF7.

FF1 no question. 3 and 7 were so easy...

I liked 7 and 10's stories the best, but god damned if I'm not having as much fun playing FFTA.

Tactics is the best final fantasy

US III, VII, and X were are really well done

Final Fantasy Tactics is the best, but that doesn't quite count.

I'd say Final Fantasy IV was the best, more coherent and epic.

Final Fantasy XI Online

How come they never made more "tactics" style games

Final Fantast V was the best

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance came out in November or so. It's not the same as FFT for Playstation. It's also not as fucking impossibly hard as the first.

Oishii: Impossibly hard? *LMFAO* It's not that hard, it just has a learning Curve.

i'm still learning lol

I dunno. At age 15 I had no patience nor strategy. I'm pretty sure I still have it, so maybe I should give it another shot.

I never made it past the second battle.

"I never made it past the second battle."

Actually, I remember the second battle being one of the hardest. It gets easier after that. And it used the class system, which is the coolest system ever.


I think it comes down to the fact that I don't dig on most real Anime, and everything after 6 was hardcore Anime styled...

Anyone play X-2? The story and dress system really doesn't interest me at all, plus I'm pretty sick of the tv ad, but does anyone have any opinions on the gameplay?

7 and X

X-2 looks so fuckin lame.

x-2 is too damn repetitive. It doesn't even have a new map or world. You just run through the same FFX map over and over til you pass it.