Best finish rate in MMA?

 What fighter has the highest percentages of finishes in all his wins?

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james irvin?



Manhoef has a pretty incredible rate 95% in 23 wins. All of Shannon Ritch's 40 something wins are finishes.

Gilbert Yvel by far

36-13-1 31 TKO(KO) 5 Subs

rickson gracie is officially 11-0, with all 11 by submission from 1980 to 2000 (when he fought his last official fight)

That many fights and no decision wins is amazing.

Thats why I love to see Gilbert fight.

Its because Yvel either dominates his opponent or he gets dominated.

He is never in a close fight.(except against Horn)

If you add in exhibitions...

12 wins all finishes, 5 losses

BrazilianBomber -  carwin

 Carwin actually is up there.

No fight has gone to decision in 10 fights.

Rogers is the same.

Yvel is up there, for sure.  His percentage is VERY high.<!--Session data-->

There are a lot of fighters that have never gone to a decision. Carwin and Maia immediately come to mind.

Oops: Apparently Maia had a decision win a while back.

I'm pretty sure Joe Lauzon has never gone to decision as a pro (this excludes his amateur fights and the Manny fight on TUF).

Rich Franklin only has 4 decisions in 26 victories.

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Brett Rogers also

Brett and Carwin don't have nearly as many fights as Yvel though. Even Tyson Griffin started his career with 8 finishes and he hasn't finished a fight since.

i think that highest number without defeat is rickson. highest with imperfect record is gilbert yvel.

If you exlude the Yvel fight Don Frye has finished 18 of his 19 wins.

15 fights is a pretty high number. lots of pros like randy couture (has like a 16-10 record) have not that many fights even in 13 yrs as a mma fighter.