best firewall/anti-virus software?

wanna protect my investment so can anyone suggest the best firewall and antivirus ware out there. my new system is getting a norton, but it's only good for 90 days...

my personal favorites are Kerio Personal Firewall (free for non-commerical use) and Kaspersky AV (get the standard version, the deluxe version doesn't have much worthwhile extra for the price).

be warned that Kaspersky AV is a fucking resource hog, though. But it is very thorough. also, the interface sucks ass....

I personally use McAfee anti-virus and Sygate Personal Firewall. The firewall is free for personal use. However, if you're going to be using a highspeed connection, it's worth it to pay to get a router with a built in hardware firewall even if you'll only connect the one computer to the internet, a hardware firewall is harder to get around then software, and routers with built in firewalls have dropped in price

I use Norton Anti-Virus and Firewall. I also have a router with a firewall built in-you can probably pick one of those up for around $50 now-a-days.

I bought the Norton Personal Firewall a couple of days ago and I have Norton Anti Virus also. I wanted to get a router with a firewall, but the guy at Office Depot convinced me the Norton was better, if a firewall was my main concern. It has already stopped a Trojan virus that has tried to enter my computer through the back door several times. It seems better than the Kerio, which I used previously and let me get a virus a couple of times.