Best first move/strike in a fight?

What would you guys say is the best first move in a fight?

I am not talking about the prelude to the fight and I am not talking about tactics like yelling real loud or saying, "Hey look there's a bear over there", or throwing water in a guy's face, etc. I am talking in terms of strikes, takedowns, chokes, submissions, eye gouges/rakes, etc.

If you insist on including things like spitting in a guy's face or something like that, then explain exactly what it is a set up for, e.g. "Spit in a guy's face then shoot in low for a single".

Bear in mind that I am talking about a situation wherein running is not an option and so you must throw down. If you are one of those people who doesn't believe that such situations ever arise, then just entertain the possibility for the sake of this thread.

Furthermore, when answering do so with the following ASSUMPTIONS in mind:

1) No weapons are involved on either side.

2) It is a one on one situation and there is no fear of any other party jumping in (no one else is in the vicinity....if you can't imagine such a situation, then assume that they're two hiking buddies who got pissed at each other and decided to throw down in the middle of nowhere).

3) Neither man has any qualms about biting, eye gouging, groin shots, etc.

Even if you think such a scenario is highly fanciful, just entertain this fancy for the sake of this thread.

Please also no tirades about how you should avoid fights and the like or stupid comments like "I'd use my chi to beat him down", or "I'd get a bear on him", etc.

No cop outs either like, "Well it depends on the people involved". Even though that is perfectly true, then give a range of different techniques that would be the best first moves to make in various fights involving various types of individuals.

Please be serious and share your experiences and insights.

Fights are unpredictable.  You must take the target that is available or whatever is the worst situation for your opponent.  That's why you must train in ALL fighting ranges.

Gary Hughes

in a real fight....kick to the balls

Ball-shot or Geoff Thompson-style right hook to the chin.

Eye jab may be good, but I'm not trained for it. The first two I could pull off.

What type of fight sitauation are talking about?

Is it the situation where the two parties involved already know there is gonna be a fight?

Is it an argument that leads to a fight?

Situaton#1 dont even bother becuase if someones tells you to meet them somewhere to fight.Most likely its a trap your gonna get jumped and probaly arrested.Getting busted is probaly the worst part.

Situation#2 In argument situation get into too your fight stance without the other person knowing,start to talk with your hands in a non-agreesive manner,so just in case he or she trys to throw a sucker punch or if you need to throw a quick jab or even better a scoop kick to the groin.Dont be shy to strike first,fuck that Karatekid honor shit that code is for 10 year olds with wimp parents.

Maintain your distance dont let the other person get too close.Just in case they try something sneaky.

As far as intial attack goes "The firstest with the mostest is the bestest"

Myself, I would go for a stand up clinch. This way he would have any
chance of a lucky punch landing hard, and I can technically win the
fight from there with many options available, knees, go to ground,
etc...unless the guy is just better than me, and whoops my ass
anyways, i go for the stand up clinch.

fake kick or knee to the balls to drop the hands, followed by a punch to the face works well.

A weak ass front kick...they usually drop thier hands and you follow the momentum of the kick with a hard right hand to the wide open nose.
You break the win. My preference.:)

If they aren't much bigger then me, feint a jab and shoot. If they are bigger I would probably feint a low shot and throw a few punches to the grill...not the grill you cook hamburgers and stuff on. I mean the mouth.

I would put up my dukes and jab away... If I was concerent that he could box mabye a low kick to get the hands dropped or get a upper body clinch and work some dirty Nage-Waza...


Headbutt to face, change level, lift, slam.

MrZipplokk makes 2 key points.  Keep an approx. 3 foot distance between you an your opponent and be very expressive with your hands while you are talking, which is used to block or strike.

I would also add, start to protect your centerline by turning partially sideways like you would in a fighting stance.

Gary Hughes

Are we talking in a phone booth or outside of the phone booth?

Keep your hands out of your pockets. Talk with your hands, in a way that looks non agressive, but allows you to move them just a few inches to block or strike.
Throw something fast to either the head or the groin, just to get them to commit their hands and blink, and then whatever your strategy, shoot single leg to the side, or heavy strike from your power side. Go hard, but don't commit everything because you may run into something. Some guys freeze when things start, and others take right off and go 200 MPH. If there are people around, some not possibly friendly, you can still sweep him, but stay standing up. Basically, keeping your hands out, talking with them, and a very subtle fighting stance, if you realize the fight is going to happen, throw first. Many guys quit when they get popped in the nose, and their eyes water, or you sweep them a few times. If they want to go to the grund just control their shoulders, and check them out before you commit to an on the ground brawl. Look at their waist/hip/leg size. From experience its kind of frustrating to get a couple of strikes in, get in on him, and you underestimated his weight by about 40-60 lbs. because of his hip/leg size and things just aren't flowing like they should be.

Depends, if you can hand pick your shot I say the balls. That will stop them dead.

These are really good points. When I was younger most of my fights start with guys are up in my face. From there I would take it to a stand-up clinch, then try to drop down to an angle and go for the single, if I'm in a better position then go for the double. But by then I've never been able to do anything, since we either get broken up/held back. I've been lucky those few times, but I'm sure that there will be a day when someone with some ground expreince will be able to fend off the single or double.

I'm glad that my confrontations have been very low. And that I've been confronted by guys who were all talk.

S.P.E.A.R (Tony Blauer system) to clinch, to head control, to massive knees and elbows... 

If he's in your face close talking all big, headbutt to the nose or knees to nuts.


or bite his nose off.