Best First Person Shooter/Game is

Half-life 2. Goes beyond anything else in terms of story, diverse playing fields, etc.

GOW is far superior graphically, but should have learned from HL2 that graphics are just a piece of a great game.

Half-Life 2 is good, but the crappy ending just kills it. I think it's hard to say which is the best FPS as some do some things really good, while other things really bad.

My personal favorite single player FPS are Far Cry and Chronicles of Riddick. Multiplayer, IMO, nothing beats Battlefield 2.

I loved HL2 and I'm not even an FPS guy.

Gears isn't first person.

I was bored with HL2 from the beginning and quit about 5 hours in after forcing myself to get that far to see what the big deal was. I'll try again when the 360 version comes out. On the other hand, I've played Gears start to finish four times so far and will definitely do so again.

Chronicles of Riddick is the best first person game, in my opinion.

Q3A - best ever

Quake 3 Arena, Battlefield 2 or how dare you even think anything surpasses Goldeneye?!?

I'm playing Doom 3 and it's pretty good. I think I like the Gears style better...what is that third person?

Unreal 1 or Duke Nukem are the best First person shooter evers. i have a hard time thinking which of those 2 are better.

Half Life 2 was ok. the game was fun to play. but way overhyped. story was pretty bad. but game was fun.

Golden EyE ranks high on teh charts. but not perfect as unreal 1 or Duke Nukem in my eyes.

Doom 3 was terrible. every godforsaken corridor is the same.

Half life 2 did seem like a chore sometimes.

But it was worth it.

I fully enjoyed halflife 2, and I will buy it if they release a 360 version.

Also I pray to GOD that they put goldeneye up so you can DL it to the Wii

Duke Nukem was definitely fun. The first Half Life was great.

i have fond memories of Serious and ridiculous...

r6 vegas

or goldeneye/perfect dark

i cannot count how many hours were spent playing goldeneye

Duke was and continues to be sweet with the user made levels and such.

Shadow warrior took it a bit further but I really miss Duke's jetpack.

I did like certain elements of redneck rampage such as drinking moonshine to get health back.........but not too much or you start walking like a drunk.

The saw blades ruled.

Id have to say BF2

I used to play Quake 2 and that was excellent in multiplayer. They had a mod called Urban Terror which was pretty damn good also.

Rainbow Six: Vegas

Americas Army is better then R6: Vegas for multiplayer (which I think is most important)

Tactical online: AA

run and gun online: Q3A

Console: Goldeneye

Single Player: wolfenstein 3D/doom/duke nukem 3D (I'm a nostalgic fuck)

most overrated of all time: Halo series

Operation Flashpoint was the best multiplayer (co-op and versus) FPS ever.

Red Steel reminded me alot of Perfect Dark