Best friend died yesterday…

FRAT. My very good friend died in a DUI single car accident.

I know better than to put this on here. But I’ll throw it out there.

I’m 42. So my “best friend” is actually one of three “best friends”. We’re friends from 19 and we lived together for 6 years. Still lived 20 miles away and did work together. More like my brother.

He had a 130-140 IQ. No shit. Wayyyyy smarter than me.

He was drinking too much and a few of us actually said something a few weeks ago after we all got together and realized it was a problem. Well… he died yesterday at 39. Single car accident. (Thank god it was a single car accident) We don’t know it was a DUI. But… he wouldn’t flip a truck sober.

You guys partying on Saturday. Memorial Day. Be careful. Booze isn’t the devil. But it’s not your friend either. Nobody thinks it will be them. Or their friend.

Please be careful this weekend.


Rip. Sorry for your loss

My condolences, brutha. That’s fucking awful.


RIP. Glad he didn’t involve anyone else. I’m sorry for your loss.


SO sorry brother RIP!

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I lost a leg of my tripod friendship in a single car DUI almost ten years ago now. He was a passenger though. I still think about the dude every day. Pictures hanging around the house/on the fridge/etc.

Not trying to steal your spotlight, just trying to relate. I know what you’re going through. It doesn’t get better but it gets a little easier. Used to cry cause I was sad about the situation, now I laugh thinking about the good times.

My condolences man.




Sorry R.I.P

Condolences brother. Gone too soon.


Deepest condolences. RIP Brother

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I lost my best friend in a drunken bar fight 25 years ago in September. It doesn’t get easier over time OP. Reach out if you need any advice or someone anonymous who will listen.


sorry to hear OP




I feel your loss. My best friend passed away a few months ago.

Can feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself and lifetime’s worth of memories.

Hate hearing that. RIP

Great advice. Stay strong


Sorry for your loss brother. Are you close with his folks?

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