Best friend died yesterday…

Sorry to hear.


Sorry to hear that, life is short everyday is a gift.

Condolences OP

Very sorry to hear that. RIP

Hang in there. Pain will come and go in waves

Ive been in the room and seen several close friends die

Just hold on for the ride and appreciate those around u


I’m sorry, Sir.

I flipped my truck, drunk, when I was 17. It was just a couple of weeks after I graduated High School.

Like your friend, I was the only retard involved, thank God.

I hope he didn’t have kids.


Sorry for your loss man, RIP…

Friend of mine flipped a truck drunk.

Later he made a comment that he was not sure it was an accident. I kind of ignored the comment.

As the years passed I found out he was worse off than I ever realized (long story).

Family, kids, had cool jobs /life etc.

All the talent in the world.

Ended up drinking himself to death.

Prior to getting on the deep end (before I heard how bad he had become) he was one of the few people I talked to almost daily.

Sorry for your loss.

Follow the advice you gave.

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“Happiness in an intelligent person is the rarest of things”

-Ernest Hemmingway.

The correlation between High IQ and depression is a strong one unfortunately…


I’m very sorry OP

“First the man takes the drink, then the drink takes the man.”

Very sorry for your loss. This is not meant as disrespect. Lost my father to a single person motorcycle accident DUI. Saw this a while ago and it truly stuck with me. Hang in there brother.


Feel for you op.

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Thursday, May 26th is the birthday of my cousin Ryan who died from alcoholism at the age of 33 four years ago.

He was a brilliant guy - not studious but extremely sharp. He looked like JFK Jr. He was also my best friend. We were born 6 months to the day apart.

Anyway, I was devastated by his passing. I know what you’re going through, OP. Stay strong. Life is very tough. God bless.


I’m sorry for your loss

Sorry OP, and more sorry for his family

This looks like it was generated by that AI on that epic thread of the year candidate


man that is a powerful fucking piece of art

OP dearly sorry for your loss and his family’s loss.

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Thats a bummer man. Sorry to hear. RIP

That’s guys. I was expecting a bunch of “DUI, he deserved it” shit. Nobody, including his parents, are making excuses for him.

Still sucks to see a good dude throw away his future. I’m glad he didn’t have children.

Kind of surreal weekend.

And if someone is struggling with booze. Please reach out and get some help. It’s like the old commercial. Nonody goes out with the plan to become an alcoholic or die in a DUI. But it happens.