Best GameBoy Advance games?

My wife just got me a Gameboy Advance and while it looks cool, it seems like most of the games are for kids. Any cool games for adults?

"Advance Wars 2"(awesome strategy game)

"Fire Pro Wrestling"(has lots of mma stuff, like fighters,cage and moves)

Both are really good

advance wars was good and I heard the sequel was better so advnace wars 2 i would say

Can't go past Fire Emblem.

My favorites were FF:T, Tactics Ogre, Golden Sun 1&2, WarioWare, FirePro, and DukeNukem.

There are also tons of old nes and snes games like SMB1+3, Donkey Kong Country, etc.

castlevania AoS

The Metroid games too./

Has anyone played the Double Dragon game for the GBA? I would be interested in having it for nostalgia alone if it is any good.

double dragon advance fucking rules. it would have been even more awesome if the original game was hidden in there as a secret mode or something. It could have easily been done. just make the five original levels and take out the new moves and new enemies. but anyway, dd advance is great. the new moves are great, controls are crisp, and it DEFINATELY has the classic double dragon feel (unlike Return of double dragon for SNES which i consider the only good DD game besides the original, at least until this GBA version)

Thanks for the info MMA Monkey. I always thought that Double Dragon II for the NES was also a good DD game.

GBA looks great for nostaligic old games.

tactic ogre knights of lodis

metroid fusion

metroid zero mission

Final fantasy tactics advance

advance wars 1 & 2

castlevania aria of sorrow

fire emblem

ninja 5 o