Best Gameboy Advance Light?

The girl I'm seeing (technically my ex, don't get me started) bought a gameboy advance from Wal-Mart on the day after Thanksgiving at their big sale. It was like $30 or $40 so good deal but of course the SP would have been better. I bought her Tetris and a light,magnifier and shield combo from Intec for X-mas. I don't think the light is bright enough and might get her a better one. Any suggestions?

I've heard about an in-case light kit called Afterburner. Let me know if there is a better solution or if they all suck. Thanks

I bought one of those cheap ($10) Pelican fliptops with the light built in. I loved it. It added almost nothing in size, protected the screen and the light was pretty good.

But, after a quick search online, I'm not sure they sell anything that simple anymore. Man, they sell some huge contraptions for something that's supposed to fit in a pocket.

After some searching it looks like the Afterburner light kit was discontinued. That's disappointing, though it would have been expensive anyways. I might just get anti-reflective film which is cheap and maybe try out another light (called the flood light, avail at, good reviews). Then she can just get a SP or DS next year.

If anyone has a better suggestion let me know. Thanks