Best games for iPhone?

What are some of the best iPhone games? I've played a lot of the ones with good ratings but end up deleting them a week later. Help me out. Phone Post

Order and chaos is pretty cool Phone Post

Galaxy on Fire 1 & 2 - Excellent mercenary space sim, reminded me a lot of old X-Wing and Wing Commander on PC. Those are the only ones that've held my attention long enough to totally finish.

Not out till nov but check out Baldur's gate enhanced edition

Army of Darkness
CSR Racing Phone Post

Enjoying JetPack Joyride and Simpsons Tapped Out right now.

Love Civ.Revolution Phone Post


Can someone bump the simpsons tapped out thread? I'm away for work with no laptop and its my only thing to do while I'm on standby lol. Phone Post

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Flexo - 7 views and not a bump. Thanks for the help Phone Post

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Trigger fist,
NOVA 3 (think halo, awesome online MP)
Real racing 1 and 2
Rainbow six
Carnivores (in depth hunting game with dinosaurs)
Carnivores: ice age (hunting with ice age era mammals)
Warm gun
Modern combat (2 or 3)
Amazing spiderman
Spiderman mayhem
Dark knight rises
Captain America
Justice league
Marvel vs capcom 2
street fighter 4 volt
Mortal kombat 3
King of fighters
Megaman X
Paper monsters
Awesome land
Minecraft pe
Eden world builder
Flick champions sports
Mirrors edge
Zombie parkour runner
(these are just the ones that I have downloaded on my iPod, and have tried.) Phone Post

In Phone Post