Best Gi choke videos????

I am looking for a good gi choking video. I would like one that goes over the clock choke and other stuff. What do you guys think? Which series is the best for Gi?


Michael Jens by far

could you give me a website? How many chokes does he show?

Hey John..

Jens website is you can get the videos there.. he has some sick moves, and his videos are layed out pretty good, lots of details

Who is he an instructor under? What are his qualifications?


Batata's loop choke tape series will show you stuff not shown on ANY
other video, and it will definitely change your game up.

Joes Michael jens have a special offer if you order all of his tapes at once?

Where is the Batata set available?

what is the website for batata?


ttt has the Batata set