best gi for judo/bjj?

sup dudes, what gi would you guys recommend for both judo and bjj comps? i'm looking for something that won't prevent me from competing due to the rules. something reveresable (blue/white gi) would be cool but not necessary.

thanks for reading

hands down Mizuno Euro comp.

man... mizuno's look sooo good, but so expensive.

An ISAMI JJ410B GI. It is pure white on the outside with Isami lining on the inside which makes it look cool. I wear mine to both BJJ and Judo and compete with it in both BJJ and Judo.

I would have said Mizuno Euro Comp only that GI is like wearing body armour. Unless you want a thick, hard GI, I would stay away from the Euro Comp.

go with the Century gi's. they are very durable and last a long time.

HCK Judo double is great!