Best Gi Pants for the bigger guy??

Needs some oppinions on who makes the most comfortable gi pants? need to get a couple of pairs

Mizuno the best by far

Got a website imperticular you go through?

10thplanetzombie - loose some weight


"loose some weight"


NeckCrank808 - What style do you consider the most comfortable....Eurocomp, Ichiban, Kano or single (is there a big difference).

10th planet zombie- Yeah, I already lost 12 to 15 pounds since startin up again....I know its probably all water but I sure feel better.

Eurocomp is he most durable and comfortable but the ichiban is not bad

Eurocomp if they have it

Ive always heard they were good to, just completely forgot about mizuno.....thank for the reminder neckcrank

LOL@ imperticular

I am a big guy and my favorite his been my Atama pants.