Best Gi/Size

Sorry if this is in the wrong section first time to post here
Going back to BJJ and need a new GI to buy. My last one was pretty short and dont wanna make that mistake again. im 6'5 220 and in search for the best gi/size i can find out there. A-4 sizes are usually for 6'0-6'4 200-250.. my weight class but dunno about the height its already one inch short and might shrink wish washing. looking for a good 6'2-6'6 200-250 Gi. IS there any out there? Thanks in advance.

Wovito -  and you're probably and A5

I really might go with that one. Dont you think it will be a bit short for me? im 6'5.

Bah just taled to them and told me to go with the A-4. Asked about the height and told me differ from person to person. Anyone have a around my height can point me to a good gi?

I'm 6'1 1/2 and I waer an A4, Id DEF order an A5.

McLeod - I'm 6'1 1/2 and I waer an A4, Id DEF order an A5.

what gi do you wear?

I am 6'3 205 lbs 34inch waist... Tall and lean i use atama a4 but it's bit short and the pants are baggy. I like the raphael lovato lucky gi. I found it on ebay for 100 bucks.

 Go longer and pay a tailor to alter to your liking.

I wear Korals, Lucky's, Isami, Gameness, Atama's, etc...

I was talking about the Atama mentioned above..but most of the time I wear an A4 or an A5... If you do go larger, you can alter it a bit, as long as the tops aren't bad.. Isami are expensive, but allow you to buy tops and bottoms different sizes.

PS-Wash and shrink BEFORE altering.

depends on the brand. I wore an A-3 atama for a while and now have i'm an A-2 in Keiko.

 The sleeves on Fuji Gi's are pretty long and don't shrink a heckuva lot, and, their pants are the longest I've run across (I go about 6'7", BTW).