Best Gi's for the Dollar ???

What are the best gi's for the dollar right now.

Rednose has a special running for their standard gi's for only 50 bucks, but a friend of mine is trying to do a big order from casca-grossa and wants me to go in with him, and all I know for sure is Howards are good and Century's suck

rednose is great. Not sure if they have anything left though.

My advice: Get a Howard with your friend and a Rednose Gi if they still have any. I'd also recommend saving a few dollars and getting a MKimono Hybrid Weave.

Moot point. Looks like Rednose gis are sold out!

What would you buy Atama single weave or Howards single?I want a blue one for a second gi.I have a Krugans is the quality better?

has anyone purchased a gi from if so what do you think about them?

Atama! Good, inexpensive gi.


KF. I have had the same gi for two years running. Great
pants and light in weight.

ouano goldweave. $75

what exactly is gold weave?

atama are the best Gi made IMO

Atama and HCK are both excellent, both in absolute quality and in quality/$ .

I recently ( 2 months ago) puchased the berzek goldweave kimono at and it has been great. I have not had a lot of the problems that some have shared with me. I have washed it and dried it and not too much shrinkage has occured. when it arrived it was too big, but i dried it warm, and it srank to the perfect fit. i have dried it several times since then and it is still the same size. anyway i think it is a good gi. and i only paid 74 bucks for a gold weave.

Nothing gets between me and my Koral Kimono.

***Gives of a sexy look***

Torah gold weave, one piece top, reinforced pants for just $95. Free shipping to US. Check us out!!
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does anyone know about the gi's on BJJTAPES.COM

f'ing love my Atama.