Best Grappler Coming Soon!

One of the BEST grapplers in the world today will be coming to TAIPEI BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU ACADEMY on May 16th 2004 to give an intensive one-day seminar on groundfighting.

His arrival is coinciding with the 1st Asia Pacific Rim Jiu-Jitsu Championship being held here in Taipei, Taiwan. We are extremely proud and honored to be hosting an athlete of his caliber and accomplishments.

For the 1st forum member that correctly guesses who is conducting the seminar will recieve a FREE Taipei Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy T-shirt. *This contest only applies to people outside of Asia!*

Is it Sean McCormack?!


Andy Wang.

Ricco Chiparelli (sp)?

Royce Gracie?


Frank Trigg


Joe Son


TTT anyway

Royler or Renzo Gracie?



Baret Yoshida

Yves, why don't you just say 'R. Gracie' and cover all your available options?

Marcelo Garcia

Damn, TW Jiu Jitsu looks like its really growing! I had the opportunity to go and visit my relatives this summer but I already turned it down!!! If this seminar rocks im gunna be pissed! Oh well guess theres always the winter and next summer!

It better not be a let down- there are so many people that proclaim that they are one of the best grapplers out there.

eddie bravo
pe de pano
mario sperry
roger gracie

Egan Inoue

kying418, this isn't someone proclaiming they're the best - WE're telling you he's one of the best.

Keep the guesses coming. T-shirts are limited-edition 'classic' design. And, what the hell, we could get it autographed for you.

Nino Schembri