Best grappler to get subed?

I was wondering who is the best sub guy to get caught
in a fight. What I mean is, you know that Mino, Serra,
Almedia and guys like that, that when you watch them
fight they will probably never get caught in a sub.
Does anyone know any examples of guys like this who
have been caught? Sak catching Newton is the only one
that comes to mind for me.

Elvis and Braga catching Horn...


saulo and shaolin...


royler by bravo


John Lewis

I'm assuming we're talking MMA

mir vs. travern.

Shaolin by Garcia.

Sak taking out Renzo in MMA.
Bravo taking out Royler in BJJ.

Hendo tapped by Nog


Joe Son

that's easy:

Mino was subbed by Ricco Rogrigues at ADCC

Almeida was subbed by Dave Terrell at ADCC

Penn subbing Gomi

Bravo - Royler

I mean MMA. Almost no one can avoid a sub forever in
pure grappling.

shamrock x severn

Me getting subbed my Murahama. First time in almost 6 years. I was sad :(

Branco losing to Grandfather shoemaker in less than 10 seconds.